GOD’S PARTICLES FOR A 6-COURSE DINNER: Volume One by Ademola Usuanlele – PDF



This is a Spiritual Genome Project because we are demonstrating the presence of the hand of God by way of visible and invisible God Particles. Enjoy yourself! Amusez-vous bien!!

Human beings; especially the so-called learned and wise among them specifically the unbelievers and atheists among them have lived difficult lives and died under difficult and painful circumstances because they could not explain satisfactorily and convincingly to themselves and to their peers how everything we see, touch and use contains more of what we don’t see than what we see. They have tried and used all forms of quations and theories to justify the status quo without acceptance or agreement even amongst themselves. The painful truth is that the answer (God) is right with us as Emmanuel’s or the less privileged and vulnerable people who are representing our God here on earth. Only those who become Charity (Jesus Christ) by serving the less privileged and vulnerable from having faith in God that can see Him. He is the creator of everything from nothing with the catalytic power inside the WORD and that WORD is Jesus Christ. These intellectuals because of demonic and occultic ties cannot accept Jesus Christ by faith which makes it impossible for them to see Jesus Christ who is the God Particles.


Hence, the blindness upon their lives. Despite the glaring evidence some of which we have mapped in this Volume One, they cannot be accepted by them because without a relationship with Jesus Christ, they cannot comprehend these materials. They will in fact be dangerous to their lives and their livelihoods. I will recommend you read through to the end to see what all these God Particles look like. You will find the outcome inside this little book. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Delicious and lovely is the hint.



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