Fresh From the Firing Line: Volume One – Hardback (Amazon Books)

By – Ademola Usuanlele



About Fresh From the Firing Line: Vol 1 by Ademola Usuanlele It is an unusually quiet book. One would expect it to be noisy and loud considering that it is our mini-book of revelations because that is what it is. It is packed from end-to-end with fresh REVELATIONS from the firing line. All the revelations are decoded or explained for the regular Jones out there to get the drift of what Jesus Christ is telling us in this season. The image on the front gives a physical expression like that of snipers in conventional military conflict or combat because for those in the know, they know that until Jesus Christ returns, the devil’s spirit and his agents will continue to present themselves for contentions. Thank God because everytime they come, the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit will always present a victorious escape for us. Make sure you are in love with Jesus Christ when you read this book otherwise only God knows. It is written with pure and genuine AGAPE LOVE. All the materials have been backed up with scriptures in the Holy Bible. Thank you, Trinity. Only you can make us pretty, handsome and beautiful like this. We honour you! We praise you! We adore you! We bless you! We thank you! We give you all the Glory! If you truly believe that you do not need further edification from this book or you are truly blessed, please share the book or the lessons from this book with others. Buy and read a copy today! God bless you.


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