Forgiveness – Hardback (Amazon Books)

By – Ademola Usuanlele & Christiana Usuanlele

Foreword By – Pastor Abraham Olayioye

Reviewed By – Pastor Rotimi Odusote & Chinyelu Onuorah



First and foremost, unforgiveness is a Sin. Forgiveness by Ademola and Christiana Usuanlele is a Kingdom Advancement Tool using Matthew 6:12 and Matthew 6:33 amongst others. It brings to the fore forgiveness and unforgiveness from a spiritual perspective using the Holy Bible and Holy Spirit as a guide. It explores some of the causes of unforgiveness and some of the spiritual and physical problems caused by unforgiveness. These problems caused include disunity, lack of prosperity, lack of peace, lack of everlasting joy, lack of love, stagnation of faith, stagnation of spiritual growth and a whole host of other problems. We have as led by the Spirit of God walked through some ways to forgive as directed by Jesus Christ and we have opened the door for those who want salvation and those who want to rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ. Please do not be shy about reading this book. If you truly believe that you do not need to forgive anyone, you can use the book to guide others to learn how to forgive or to prevent them from getting themselves entangled in unforgiveness which is a Sin. Buy* and read a copy today! God bless you.


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