The Way Love Is Supposed To Be – Motherly love

This book is a chronicling of revelations and their applications during several spiritual missions into the heart of God starting March 15, 2018 to May 30, 2018 and resumed in June until all evil’s ties revealed were destroyed by the power of God and His Trinity. God, we give you all the glory. We bless you for everything. We thank you for everything. You make us look pretty in front of our enemies. Thank you, our Lord Jesus Christ. HALLELUYAH!!!!

The image on the front gives a little semblance of the Agape Love of Jesus Christ looking from Motherly love viewpoint. Jesus Christ’s love begins from after the aggregation of all the love all humans can muster together as a tasting of what God’s love can begin to look like at just the introduction. Then imagine the full works. It is just not humanly possible to fathom or comprehend. Maybe you can switch to French or unknown tongues then the heart can attempt because this will make the normal human brain to overheat or go off-alignment. Jesus Christ you are too much for us and enough at the same time.

Make sure you are in love when you read this book otherwise only God knows. It is written with pure and genuine AGAPE LOVE. All the materials have been backed up with scriptures in the Christian Holy Bible. Thank you, Trinity. Only you can make us pretty, handsome and beautiful like this. We honour you! We praise you! We adore you! We bless you! We thank you! We give you all the Glory! If, you truly believe that you do not need further edification from this book or you are truly blessed by this book, please share the book or the lessons from this book with others. Buy* and read a copy today! God bless you.

**Get a copy of the Heavenly Tongue Song: Ni Ka Ra Ma Ko Ko Ko. Start your heavenly celebration now! Even if it is by faith. Whatever you wish for in Jesus Christ mighty name, you shall get it. Don’t wait until you are perfect. Perfection only comes through Jesus Christ.

*All the proceeds (net profits) from the sale of this book will be donated to The Pink Shield Charitable Foundations worldwide. The Pink Shields is a faith-based charity that is internally funded by Groupe Haus Inc. and Ademola Usuanlele (Peace Maker).

We don’t raise money for our charity directly except from donations from the names. You can support The Pink Shields by patronizing Groupe Haus Inc. and subsidiaries’ products and services regularly and sharing your experiences with others through all the media platforms.





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