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About the Book
Agape Love Letters – Volume Two is a Kingdom Advancement Tool using various Agape Love Letters based on the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. These love letters are written for the edification of believers of Jesus Christ and to use the love of God to convince and convict unbelievers of Jesus Christ about the love of God. This book brings to the fore AGAPE LOVE using various love letters written to impact the written and revealed knowledge and Word of God from a spiritual perspective using the Holy Bible and Holy Spirit as a guide. It explores some of the contentious and disputed issues of our day, before our day and after our day. These Agape Love Letters are meant to strengthen the positions of the children of God and to show the children of satan; the enemy of God that there is a way out to salvation before it is too late for them. It helps to make the message of Jesus Christ concerning salvation/redemption, peace, love, joy, faith, righteousness and eternal life digestible and absorbable. We have as led by the Spirit of God walked through some critical issues as directed by Jesus Christ and we have opened the door for those who want salvation and those who want to rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ. By the special grace of God through Christ Jesus, there are more letters on the way. Glory!!!! Please do not be shy about reading this book. If you truly believe that you do not need further edification from these Agape Love Letters or you are truly blessed by this book, please share the book or the lessons from these letters with others. Buy* and read a copy today! God bless you.

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to Charities and Foundations. Such as The Pink Shield Charitable Foundations worldwide, Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta, Canadian Family Advisory Network, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, Stollery Children’s Hospital’s Patient & Family Centred Care Council, WINN and Oliver Centre



Agape Love Letters VOL II MOBI


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